how many tons can superman lift

Powers and abilities of Superman – Wikipedia

Superman Lifting 200,000,000,000,000,000,000 Tons – YouTube

George Mathew1 year ago (edited) you think the badass is superman…well the scientist who …

Powers and abilities of Superman – Wikipedia

After being saturated with yellow solar energy in AllStar Superman, his strength was tested, and demonstrated to be sufficient to support over 200 quintillion tons (or 2×1020 tons in scientific notation, i.e., two hundred billion billion tons); he held this much with one hand and he even said he feels like he can pick …

SA Superman can lift how much tons? – Superman – Comic Vine

#4 Posted by a88378438 (3527 posts)6 years, 6 months agoShow Bio. neary infinite power levels. notinfinite power. sa/ba superman can flies fast enough to break out of the multiverse into Heaven ,this feats is very amazing !!! so,i think superman can easily lift duodecillions tons. The correct? or. Other answers.

How many tons can superman lift – Wikipedia

how many tons can superman lift Friends and colleagues gathered to applaud worthy winners across seven categories – and recognise the creativity and dedication which underpin the whole sector’s contribution to the economy, to society and to customers, staff and stakeholders. Commenting on the …

Superman – how much can he lift? –

I think if you take each showing in every comic and determine how much he lifted in each (in ones that can be quantified, and a rough scientific estimate for ones that aren’t easily quantified), you could work out an average. That is idiotic. If he lifted a ton, 10 tons and finally 100 tons, it doesn’t mean that on average he is able …

How many tons can Superman press? [Archive] – The SuperHeroHype Forums

It bothers me that no one seems to know. Characters like Spiderman and Batman have their lifting strength clearly defined. I think 15 tons for Spidey, and close to half a ton for Batman. Is there anything that attempts to state just how strong the current Superman is?

What is the maximum strength of Superman? – Updated – Quora

The New 52 Superman can bench the weight of the Earth. *unimpressed*. The pre crisis one could do anything. So I’m not going to bring him into the argument. The post crisis one was weakest, with him only able to lift 70 Quintillion Tonnes after a sundip. I’d love to mention current Hulk’s best feat of strength though.

How many tons can Superman really lift? | Toonzone Forums

From watching the BB episode The Call Supes lifts a ship outta the water so I have to assume he can lift thousands of tons!? How about MM & WW? How…

How much can Superman lift in tons at his very maximum?

One figure for Superman’s strength is 800,000 tons (pre The Death of Superman story arc). In the Elseworlds saga Kingdom Come, the elderly but still brilliant Bruce Wayne makes reference to Superman being able to split the Earth in two. An interesting biography and rundown of Superman’s abilities can …

Who Would Win in a Fight Between Superman and The Hulk? | Nerdist

SUPERMAN BREAKDOWN. STRENGTHS: Can lift or manipulate between 66 quintillion and 400 quintillion tons. + Has moved the Earth around before. + After being supercharged by the sun, he was quoted as being able to lift 200 quintillion tons with just one arm and stated he thinks he could lift much …

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