how to do voice overs on vine

6 Easy Steps to Better Vine Videos |

The Ultimate Guide to Vine: Pro-Tips, Awesome Ideas … – Photojojo

Using Vine with voice over | AppleVis

The subject line sums it up, is there a podcast on how to interact with the Vine app that’s a little more easy? I just knwo how to touch the vids to get themt o play but i’d like to record one or more of my own. I know a few totally blind people I thought had it on here. Thanks for any help. Siobhan.

6 Easy Steps to Better Vine Videos |

There’s been some remarkable work made by Viners, and with just a few simple tips you can up your tiny video game. Move Your Finger. Vine’s interface is stupidly simple: just tap and hold the screen to record. Move Around. Is This Vine Worthy? Plan Ahead. Use the Vine App. Get Creative.

How To Do Voice Overs On Vine – MDEReport

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What is the best way to add sound to video on Vine? – Quora

Saw nobody had answered this question yet for you. There are various ways to go about it. One depending on what you are doing is what is going to be the big .. .

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6 Tips for Making Better Vine Videos – Sound Communication

Vine is the new kid on the social media block. The app allows users to create 6 second videos about anything… but do you know how to make your videos GREAT?

Putting Vine’s new importing and editing tools to the test | PCWorld

… that make up your Vine video. Tap a clip to select it, which lets you trim it again with the orange slider. Buttons along the bottom let you duplicate a clip, trash just that clip without affecting the rest of the video, or mute that clip. Muting is a nice touch, but it seems odd that you can’t then record a voiceover or …

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